What Are Lingual Braces? And is it worth it?

When it comes to the right kind of braces to use, every person has their individual preferences. This is because there are over 7 types of braces out there and each is equally effective. Of all the various types of braces out there, lingual braces are some of the most popular.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are closely related to the invisalign braces; however, where the former is placed on the inner side of teeth, the latter is placed on top of teeth. Lingual braces can come in any of the below brands;

  • iBraces
  • In- ovation braces
  • Incognito braces
  • Suresmile Lingual QT
  • STb Light Lingual System

All these are brands, and variations of lingual braces; they all work the same way and are inserted at the back of teeth.

Are lingual braces worth it?

Yes, lingual invisaling braces are worth every penny you spend on them, and below are some reasons why;

  • Lingual braces are effective at correcting the growth of teeth. They are firm and consistent and if correctly used, one will notice results in under 3 months
  • Most people factor in the comfort of using braces, before picking the right ones for them. With lingual braces, one is assured of total comfort, no metal taste on your mouth, or having to remove them every now and then during meals or when sleeping.
  • Lingual braces are not noticeable, and this has made them popular with many. Most people don’t want the world to see the braces or know that they are correcting their teeth. Lingual braces are made of a plastic like, clear material that looks like the real teeth.
  • Lingual braces require little care, there are no special needs. One should brush regularly, avoid habits like smoking that may stain and darken the braces, and basically follow their orthodontist’s advice.
  • Lastly, lingual braces are affordable and very effective for both adults and kids. Thus, as an adult you don’t have to worry that your teeth are already grown and fully developed; nay, lingual braces used over time have been found to be very effective when used by adults.


Lingual braces are some of the best braces you can go for, thanks to the above mentioned reasons. However, you must discuss and agree with your orthodontist on how to go about this treatment option.

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