Best Contemporary Kitchen Designs – FCI London

Contemporary Kitchen Designs recommended by FCI London. Here, they recommend top 3 design,

  • Warm Contemporary Kitchen Designs
  • Lively Contemporary Kitchen Designs
  • Classic Contemporary Kitchen Designs

You can pick best out of the designs for your kitchen that meets your expectation.


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What Are Lingual Braces? And is it worth it?

When it comes to the right kind of braces to use, every person has their individual preferences. This is because there are over 7 types of braces out there and each is equally effective. Of all the various types of braces out there, lingual braces are some of the most popular.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are closely related to the invisalign braces; however, where the former is placed on the inner side of teeth, the latter is placed on top of teeth. Lingual braces can come in any of the below brands;

  • iBraces
  • In- ovation braces
  • Incognito braces
  • Suresmile Lingual QT
  • STb Light Lingual System

All these are brands, and variations of lingual braces; they all work the same way and are inserted at the back of teeth.

Are lingual braces worth it?

Yes, lingual invisaling braces are worth every penny you spend on them, and below are some reasons why;

  • Lingual braces are effective at correcting the growth of teeth. They are firm and consistent and if correctly used, one will notice results in under 3 months
  • Most people factor in the comfort of using braces, before picking the right ones for them. With lingual braces, one is assured of total comfort, no metal taste on your mouth, or having to remove them every now and then during meals or when sleeping.
  • Lingual braces are not noticeable, and this has made them popular with many. Most people don’t want the world to see the braces or know that they are correcting their teeth. Lingual braces are made of a plastic like, clear material that looks like the real teeth.
  • Lingual braces require little care, there are no special needs. One should brush regularly, avoid habits like smoking that may stain and darken the braces, and basically follow their orthodontist’s advice.
  • Lastly, lingual braces are affordable and very effective for both adults and kids. Thus, as an adult you don’t have to worry that your teeth are already grown and fully developed; nay, lingual braces used over time have been found to be very effective when used by adults.


Lingual braces are some of the best braces you can go for, thanks to the above mentioned reasons. However, you must discuss and agree with your orthodontist on how to go about this treatment option.

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Bollywood Dance in London For Fitness

Bollywood-DanceAlthough Bollywood dance initially originated from India, the dance has spread and gained popularity in all corners of the world. In London especially, the colorful dance is not only popular for the magic of its moves, but also as a way to keep fit! Yes, you’ll find Bollywood instructors in London who are very qualified, offering dance lessons with an aim to help people exercise and keep fit. Below are some of the ways you too can enroll for these dance classes, and have fun as you keep fit also;

  • Hips; Bollywood dance involves some spectacular hip movement that leaves audiences mesmerized. But that aside, it is also a great way to work out your hips, people with excess fats around the waistline can especially benefit much from these hip movements.
  • Feet; can you believe that doctors sometimes recommend dancing as a therapy for people with bone disorders like arthritis, or osteoporosis?
  • Bollywood dance classes London is a nice way to exercise your ankles and feet, while you also have fun. The good thing with bollywood dance lessons is that they are open to people of all ages.
  • Mind; the mind needs to be exercised, and kept fit. Bollywood dance entails a lot of coordinated movements; you need to concentrate in order to learn the moves. People who practice bollywood frequently have a more balanced temperament, and are calmer in nature.
  • Arms/ Shoulders; in modern gyms, women flock to lift weights, just to tone their arms and triceps. But Bollywood dance does just that, the frequent raising and rhythmic movement of your arms is a great way to tone any sagging skin around your triceps; it also makes your arms shapelier and firmer.


You can enroll for Bollywood dance lessons in London today, and keep fit in a way that’s fun!

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Liposuction for Men

liposuction-for-menFor a long time, people world over have mistakenly presumed liposuction to be a procedure for the women folk. This is a misguided notion because it is viable for both male and female patients alike. Liposuction being a cosmetic surgery, it’s up to the patient to decide that they really need it or not.

  • In the last few years alone, the number of men who have undergone liposuction procedures has increased steeply. People are beyond the past notions that it is a female oriented procedure. Men undergo it for many reasons including to improve their contour. They are also not ashamed to declare that they underwent the procedure.
  • Liposuction for men has helped a lot in getting rid of fat deposits in stubborn areas like the thighs, the back of the neck, the stomach and the hips. When these spots defy exercise and diets, the only solution that men have left is liposuction.
  • A few years ago, there was a stigma attached to men that underwent liposuction procedures. They were considered vain and unmanly. Today though, undergoing a well planned and know best liposuction London as a man is a common event. No one turns shoulders when they hear that you are having the procedure done.
  • Most men cannot be considered vain. They are also reputed to only doing things that are necessary. It is for this reason therefore, that you will not find many men undergoing liposuction as a means of weight loss. They only do it if it is prescribed by a doctor or such a grave occurrence.


Liposuction procedures for men are events that people are now used to. They have been proven to be safe and beneficial to the entire bodily health.


It is not shameful for a man to undergo a liposuction procedure and neither is it unmanly. It is all in the spirit of pleasing ourselves. After all, at the end of the day, it is your body on the operating table. For more information log on to visit Dr Gupta in London.

What Types of Hypnotherapy Are There

Hypnotherapy is a form of physiotherapy in which a person, in a relaxed state of mind, is led to tap into his subconscious mind and use the outcome to overcome conscious decisions. This is usually done by the help of a therapist or hypnotist. But sometimes, this hypnosis process may fail as the kind of hypnosis treatment administered to a patient, produces a different result when compared to another. That is why it is important to know the different types of hypnotherapy treatment available for you. They include

Traditional Hypnosis

This is the basic from of hypnotherapy that you can do with little or no instruction. The reason behind this is that it relies on a therapist, giving commands and suggestions to a patient’s subconscious, once he/ she is hypnotized. For example, you might instruct a hypnotized alcoholic patient to stop drinking and when he snaps into consciousness, stops drinking. This hypnosis procedure can work for after a few sessions and if you if you are a person that prefers to follow instructions without asking questions.

NLP Hypnosis

NLP Is the most advanced type of hypnosis. It is usually done by a professional therapist and involves the use of hypnotherapy techniques of flash anchoring and framing. You may want to try this out as it is recommended for people with self-esteem issues, phobia, and fear among others.

Self-Administered Hypnosis

Through a hypno coach, you can learn how to hypnotize yourself as this is becoming the ideal way of hypnotherapy. It is personalized as most people are skeptical to surrender their subconscious mind to hypnotherapist. It uses NLP techniques.

Erickson Hypnosis

You can try this method of hypnosis if you are a critical and logical person.

Unlike traditional hypnosis, this method uses metaphors to tap into your subconscious. It allows you as a patient to use your conscious mind, to figure out what a metaphor means while impacting you subconscious mind.


Hypno coach is the official hypnotherapy clinic in London. It provides a wide range of hypnotherapy treatments and advice.