Looking For A Dentist? Make Sure You Read This Check List Before Booking An Appointment

Most people shudder each time a dentist’s visit beckons, or is mentioned. The scary tools and equipment used to uproot teeth, the injections on the gums; so much so that some people only go to a dentist when a tooth aches really badly. Yet, dentistry is more than just curative; there is the preventative aspect that helps you enjoy good oral health, and prevent any conditions that may pop up in future.  Thus, the wise thing is to ensure that you have the contacts of a trusted dentist who you can always count on. Your personal doctor or physician may not necessarily be skilled enough to handle dentistry and orthodontics; you’ll thus need a specialized dentist who’s up to the task.

Make use of this checklist before picking a dentist whether for an appointment or for comparison;

  1. Location; needless to say, it is always recommendable to pick a dentist who operates within your area. In other words, get one who operates near your home or office so that in case of an emergency or appointment, it’ll be convenient. On the same note, the opening hours are equally important.  A good dentist ought to be flexible and available, even if it means operating on weekends. Who wants to put up with an aching tooth all weekend simply because the dentist doesn’t operate then?
  2. Specialty; all dentists can handle most dental conditions and problems. Yet, for something more complex like maxillofacial surgery used to realign jaws, this can be only done by an orthodontist! This tells you that you’ll need to be very clear on what the dentist specializes on. Some specialize on adult dental care, children dental care, whole family dental care, strictly orthodontic services, and so on so forth.
  3. Experience; the experience of a dentist matters a lot. The more experienced the better. You can seek to find out whether they have referrals you can speak to. If a dentist is cagey about discussing their qualifications or giving referrals of their past clients, then he or she could be hiding some form of incompetence.
  4. Well equipped; in today’s world of the internet and websites, you can easily fall for online quacks purporting to be professional dentists. They will use fake photos showing how well equipped their clinics are, smiling images of satisfied patients; don’t be fooled.  Always seek to visit the dental clinic yourself, see how clean and well equipped it is. Such a visit, often referred to as ‘meet and greet’ ought to boost your confidence with a great smile and you’d have no qualms bringing over your child for treatment. A private orthodontist can help you with this.
  5. Cost; the cost of dental services in the UK has continued to up here in the UK. There’s even the silent belief that dentists are some of the best paid professionals in the job market today. Well, whatever the case, just be sure to establish well in advance about the cost of the services being offered. Most dental clinics in London will have their rates and cost well splashed out on their website. You’re able to see what each service costs, what it entails, the alternatives available, and so on so forth.


When considering the right dentist to pick, always start by considering their location. Their location is more important than what they charge. Because in case of an emergency or when your child needs urgent attention, you want a dental clinic that’s within reach. Talk to us today, we operate all days of the week. For the busy people who work all day, you can also book an evening appointment with us.