What Types of Hypnotherapy Are There

Hypnotherapy is a form of physiotherapy in which a person, in a relaxed state of mind, is led to tap into his subconscious mind and use the outcome to overcome conscious decisions. This is usually done by the help of a therapist or hypnotist. But sometimes, this hypnosis process may fail as the kind of hypnosis treatment administered to a patient, produces a different result when compared to another. That is why it is important to know the different types of hypnotherapy treatment available for you. They include

Traditional Hypnosis

This is the basic from of hypnotherapy that you can do with little or no instruction. The reason behind this is that it relies on a therapist, giving commands and suggestions to a patient’s subconscious, once he/ she is hypnotized. For example, you might instruct a hypnotized alcoholic patient to stop drinking and when he snaps into consciousness, stops drinking. This hypnosis procedure can work for after a few sessions and if you if you are a person that prefers to follow instructions without asking questions.

NLP Hypnosis

NLP Is the most advanced type of hypnosis. It is usually done by a professional therapist and involves the use of hypnotherapy techniques of flash anchoring and framing. You may want to try this out as it is recommended for people with self-esteem issues, phobia, and fear among others.

Self-Administered Hypnosis

Through a hypno coach, you can learn how to hypnotize yourself as this is becoming the ideal way of hypnotherapy. It is personalized as most people are skeptical to surrender their subconscious mind to hypnotherapist. It uses NLP techniques.

Erickson Hypnosis

You can try this method of hypnosis if you are a critical and logical person.

Unlike traditional hypnosis, this method uses metaphors to tap into your subconscious. It allows you as a patient to use your conscious mind, to figure out what a metaphor means while impacting you subconscious mind.


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